Wednesday, February 07, 2007

things to do in pasadena with a dog

i rode my bike this morning while the dog ran alongside. i saw several things.

one: a small woman having an argument with a tall man. she had him backed up against a car and i heard him meekly defending himself as i went by.

two: a different woman talking to a man who was lying in the trunk of her car.

three: a disaster waiting to happen - a woman forgot something in her car, so she left her dog and kid on the sidewalk while she went back to the car. the kid was under two, in a huge stroller. the medium sized dog had its leash looped over the handle of the stroller. i wasn't sure she had seen us, and i was envisioning the dog chasing after us, pulling the stroller over, etc. luckily this didn't happen.

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