Friday, November 02, 2007

Bicycle Parking at the San Diego Convention Center

I called the main number. A woman hears the word "parking" in my request and says, let me give you the number for our parking garage. I said, usually there are bicycle racks outside of the parking garage, is there anyone who would know about those? She says, let me ask. Later, she says nope, but I'll give you the parking number. I call parking and a really helpful woman says they don't have bicycle parking, but she thinks she's seen some around. Can I hold? You bet.

When she comes back, she says she talked with the same lady I did, and then she also called security. Security said there are bike racks (or maybe just one?) at building A on the way to the reception or administrative offices. Facing the center, it's all the way to the right. Good luck to me.

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