Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tristan und Isolde

I went to a movie theater yesterday for over five hours to watch the Metropolitan Opera simulcast of their production of Tristan und Isolde. I thought I'd sleep during it, given how long it was and how little sleep I got this week. I didn't sleep much though, and I really enjoyed it. The set, as you can see above, was lovely. The backstage interviews were also fantastic.

One thing I hate is how I easily forget who was involved in productions. I made picture flash cards for this one.

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harriet said...

I was trying to get Mr. Spy to go to that with me, but I couldn't interest him in Wagner. Tristan is such a marvelous opera. I heard the broadcast on the radio and thought the singing was fabulous. We're going to see one of these movie theater broadcasts next month. I've been very curious about them.