Tuesday, August 30, 2005

more new computer trivia

the first google result for "new computer" is apple's iMac G5.

when card-playing programs have tells

This is a cool note about how a user noticed something funny about an online poker game. This observation led him to be able to determine something about the "dealer's" cards. Similarly, in science, new insights more often result from a "that's strange" moment than an out-of-the-blue "aha" moment.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

From Quidnet to Sconset

I took these pictures on my walk. Click the picture above for the rest of the pictures.

New tech, new events

dolface pointed me to the “blogger for word” plug-in, which i’m using for this entry. i’m also trying out the new google desktop, and google talk, so it’s a big day around here.

and i’m getting a new computer! i’m very excited about that. i should have it in early september. it’s a dell inspiron 6000, Pentium M 760 processor, 1 GB RAM (due to funding constraints, it makes more sense to spend money on the processor and pay for RAM upgrades if needed) and a 100GB 5400RPM hard drive. i’m surprised and pleased that my current laptop has made it three years. that’s due in no small part to my dad’s incomparable foresight in getting me the three year complete care coverage, and in getting a computer with enough performance that it’s still adequately fast three years later.

other upcoming events: i’m looking into doing some local sailing here. i’m making plans to go to the society for neuroscience conference in DC in november. this weekend is gradiators (link to 2004 event), which i’m participating in for the first time. the biology department annual retreat is in october in redondo beach.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The most American of activities...

...besides dissent, of course, must be the demolition derby. My first one was this past Sunday, on Nantucket. Is it ironic to have a demolition derby on Nantucket? Perhaps, but none of the contestants or fans seemed detached. I had a blast.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

LA Gay Rodeo

last night i volunteered at contestant registration at the LA Gay Rodeo. i was excited about the people watching prospects, and they didn't disappoint. however, the most fun was hanging out with the three guys who were assigned to the same table as me. clearly we had a glut of volunteers, since it doesn't really take 4 people to hang out gift bags, but it was a good number for chatting. we all talked about who we thought was cute, where we were from, why we liked rodeo, stuff like that. click the above picture for a few more.