Friday, November 09, 2018

Amtrak tips for future me

On the way to Albany Oregon from San Jose, I learned that the top side above the toilets is smellier than the other side on the two decker coach and business class cars. On the way home I got a bedroom for the first time. In a bedroom, as opposed to a roommette, you sleep perpendicular to the tracks. Consequently there is only one aisle down the train. It has windows, so if you keep the curtain in the room door open, you can see our of both sides of the train at once. The seats that become a bed are much more comfortable than the extra seat, but in my case it was the uncomfortable seat that faced forward. I don’t know if this differs northbound or southbound.  Having a bathroom in the room does result in some antiseptic smell and you can hear your neighbors in their bathrooms. I like not having to go out through public corridors and stairs to the shared heads (like in roomettes or seats) but it’s not great. In all though, I loved the trip, even though there were wildfires. The motion is soothing, and watching the night sky and daytime scenery is a joy. Next time: bring own pillow and light throw for either seat or bed travel.