Friday, January 04, 2008

With enemies like this, you don't need friends

The Union of Concerned Scientists wikipedia entry has a "criticism" section. Each entry in the section features a crack-pot and essentially adds to the organization's credibility. This might be the result of some clever editing, but it's representative of the critics found on the web. Here's an example from the wikipedia "criticism" section:

Televangelist Jerry Falwell endorsed Chicago Tribune op-ed columnist Dennis Byrne's description of UCS as the "inexhaustibly liberal and self-appointed guardians of scientific purity [who] try to corrupt science for [their] own ends",[31] and accused UCS of leading evangelicals to "[fall] for all of this global warming hocus-pocus" and "[run] down meaningless rabbit trails that get our focus off of our heavenly purpose."[32]

I'm so glad the argument about whether global warming exists is substantially behind us, as indicated by George Bush conceding the existence of climate change and acknowledging some role of humans in it.

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