Saturday, May 29, 2004

Shrek, the Bad Influence

I saw Shrek last night. I like to read reviews after I've seen a movie. I was looking at user comments on IMDB. One complained that Shrek is full of subliminal sexual messages, asserting that Dreamworks and Spielberg are promoting a left wing sexual agenda, sexual depravity. He complains about a gay man in drag, as well as a wolf character dressed up as grandma and referred to as a gender-confused wolf. Apparently this reviewer missed the magazine the wolf was reading when prince charming found the wolf in the bed he expected the princess to be in. The magazine was a take-off of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition called Pork Illustrated. Or maybe that's acceptable. In any case, to the extent it's true, I say good job. In response to the claim that it makes references inappropriate to children, I say kids from a very young age know about gay people. Portraying them isn't age-inappropriate.

The movie is wonderful though. It was my first movie at the Arclight theater. I saw it with Matt in the Dome. It's an amazing theater. The screen is incredibly wide. In Shrek 2, I loved in the send up of Hollywood, but I think I'm slowly being seduced by LA. I sure do like the nice theaters.

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