Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wonderful New York.

central park and prospect park were amazingly green and lush. i enjoyed how green brooklyn was; there are so many more trees on the street than in manhattan. i loved the urban landscape too though. i went to the museum of natural history, had lunch with my cousin, went out to dinner every night, once at one of my favorite restaurants. i saw rs run a 10k race faster than she expected, met some of her friends, went to rutgers to see a friend and his lab, went to the crumpler camera bag mothership (no link due to annoying flash interface), bought books and read a lot. i spent a lot of time on the subway and other trains, which i really enjoyed. by the end i was ready for a break, and i got one - we spent saturday afternoon mostly inside after the race. this morning i got up at 2am pacific time, and was in my car in burbank by 10am pacific time. naturally i napped on the plane and more once i got home. the only lousy thing about new york was the hot and humid weather. it was gross, but i had been warned. rs keeps her apartment comfortably cool, and plenty of other places were air conditioned too. it was a great trip.

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