Sunday, September 04, 2005

A little piece of Katrina heartbreak

from the New Orleans Katrina Recovery Back to Work website:
Textron Employees go to this site for information General questions – Call Human Resource in Wilmington at 1-800-313-3703. Help us locate and track our employees – Please email us,, or call us at 978-657-1063 and let us know your status. Send your full name, badge number, how to best contact you if possible and your situation (loss of home, injuries, etc.)

Paychecks – Employees will be paid until further notice. Electronic/direct deposit checks will be made automatically. We are working out the logistics for getting live/paper checks to employees. Please let us know if you would like us to mail it to a temporary location for you. Call 1-800-313-3703.

Returning to work – At this time, no TM&L employee should attempt to travel to the facilities, until they are deemed safe.

If anyone knows the status of Ann Quick Davis, Brad Anderson, etc...


Cherryl Ball

Frisco, TX

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