Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Intimidation attempt

today i was headed toward the main exit to my apartment building when i saw a man outside speaking angrily toward a woman in the complex who had poked her head out of a nearby area. he was asking for the manager, asking her to let him in. i reached the exit and as i opened the gate he put his hand on it and said "thank you." the rest of this conversation is paraphrased, because i got pretty upset. i kept my hand on the gate, blocking his entrance, and said, "i am not letting you in. who are you?" he said he was evicting someone and couldn't reach the manager. he started to walk into me, i think he was trying to intimidate me into getting out of the way. i put my hand out in front of me and he walked into it. he said, "are you touching me?" this really made me mad. i reached for my cell phone. he said, "what, are you going to call the police?" i nodded. another guy came out of the complex. as he came by me, i told him this guy was scaring me and asked him to stick around, which he did. i called the police, and described the aggressive guy, who left the entrance. he went to his car, got something out of it and walked around the corner of the complex.

i was really shaken up when i was talking with the police. i didn't understand the question of "paramedics or police?" at first, and i think i gave them the wrong address. eventually i gave them a description of the guy, his car and license plate number. i heard the aggressive guy shouting in the background, and eventually he came out from inside the complex. he sneered at me and said, "thanks for your help." he drove off, and i told the dispatcher what was going on and what direction he was headed.

eventually the police came, probably seven minutes after i first called (probably five minutes after i gave them the address clearly). they were very professional and good. they told me that another unit had pulled the guy over and confirmed that he was a process server. once they confirmed that he hadn't assaulted me, they let him go. i'm glad he at least bore some responsibility for his actions. i'm going to try to track down the owner of the apartment that he was serving and ask them to switch process serving companies.

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