Sunday, February 12, 2006

caltech women's basketball

i watched a quarter of a caltech women's basketball game yesterday. they were playing university of redlands. in case you're not familiar with caltech's athletics program, here is an article on men's b-ball to get you started.
  1. i did not see any black players on the court or on the bench. caltech's white problem is not news to me, but redlands' is.
  2. there was a guy in the caltech stands behind me (one of maybe 40 caltech family and friends) yelling at the referee. if you're a sports parent at caltech, a) it can only be frustrating and b) sports parents everywhere suck.
  3. for nine minutes, caltech didn't get one rebound, defensively or offensively. redlands got to shoot until they made a basket, and once caltech shot (and usually missed), redlands got the ball back. the redlands players were taller, faster, stronger.
  4. i cheered for every rebound made after that.

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