Sunday, March 26, 2006

snort snore kick cry

On my flight from DC to LA, we were about to take off when the pilot announced we were over weight. We had to sit on the ground and burn fuel for 10 minutes before we were legal for takeoff.

The woman next to me was sucking snot back into her nose about 5 times per minute. It was so amazing that I started keeping stats on it. About two snorts per minute were really loud. I estimated that they could be heard two rows away during the flight.

The guy on my right was enormous and snoring. I was on JetBlue, and every time I changed the volume (which was every time an ad came on), I had to maneuver around his arm on the arm rest.

There was a small kid behind me crying and kicking my seat. The best 10 minutes I ever spent were buying ear plugs the morning of the flight.

I've found that my tolerance for annoyance has radically decreased lately, an emotional barometer.

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