Monday, April 30, 2007

Fatigue per calorie

Today I thought of a new metric by which to analyze exercise: fatigue per calorie. People who exercise to help them sleep might look for a higher fatigue per calorie. I aim for a low fatigue per calorie workout, so I can work out in the morning and not be exhausted during the work day.

I took a new route biking with Bonden today. I tried going north and east - ultimately I'd like to be able to bike to the dog park, which is in that direction. My normal route is more directly east through a quiet residential area without much traffic. Today's route was 4 miles, half on multi-lane streets with stoplights. I spent the whole ride watching for dogs, cars and narrow spaces and keeping an eye on the fatigue level of the dog. I realize that this might be the worst fatigue per calorie workout - I'm barely sweaty, but I'm beat. Even riding our usual route is pretty tiring. I think the treadmill has the minimum fatigue per calorie rating. Sorry beast. Dog park for you.

One thing that irked and amused me was the placement of signs around highway entrances. On two corners, huge highway signs were placed not only in the middle of the sidewalk, but on a corner so one could not use the cut-away to ride up onto the sidewalk (or for more virtuous causes). On the other hand, the car obsession of the region is good for me - there are very few people on the sidewalk, so when we do ride on the sidewalk, we're not menacing too many people.

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dolface said...

the expression on Bonden's face in that picture is incredibly cute.

how's the bike/dog/bungie contraption working out?