Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weather alerts

Pasadena, CA
Date Forecast Hi Lo POP
Tue Jun 19 icon Partly Cloudy 82°F 60°F 0%
Wed Jun 20 icon Partly Cloudy 85°F 61°F 0%
Thu Jun 21 icon Sunny 87°F 65°F 10%
Fri Jun 22 icon Sunny 88°F 65°F 10%
Sat Jun 23 icon Sunny 88°F 65°F 10%
Sun Jun 24 icon Sunny 86°F 66°F 10%
Mon Jun 25 icon Sunny 87°F 66°F 0%

1) i really like the new format of the weather channel's news alerts - i hate having to wade through junk to get the simple info i want
2) the weather is going to be hot this week. ick.

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