Friday, September 28, 2007

crummy design from an unexpected source

The major Pasadena event recognizing World AIDS Day has a crummy looking website. I'm nearly embarrassed to send people there to contribute - will they think it's a fraud? "No self respecting group of gay men would be associated with this!" The tabs across the top look cheesy, the faded background image isn't identifiable, nor is it aesthetically pleasing. It's large enough to distract from the text and the logo. But what really kills me are the vertical blue bars, which look a lot like scroll bars. In fact, when I first went to scroll down the page, I was confused for a minute. While any given person might not live up to a positive stereotype about their group, you'd think a group focused on a disease that disproportionately affects gay people would have a better looking website.

Also crummy looking: AIDS Service Center (the main beneficiary of the event, and probably a main organizer)

And, in fairness, fantastic looking: GMHC

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