Sunday, April 10, 2011

The faucet I covet

This faucet turns on and off by touch. Most of the time I use the same water temp and pressure, so I expect I wouldn't need to use the handle much. Why would I spend 10x more on a faucet than nearly anything else in my kitchen? It delights me. And if it delights me daily, I'm in.

If I get one, it will live in a less glamorous context, more like this:

An entertaining artifact of ownership: universal reports of absent-mindedly touching other faucets and expecting them to respond. That phenomenon reminds me of the effect of tv-time shifting (e.g. pressing pause and rewind while watching recorded or live tv mediated by a DVR): I want to apply that technology to other parts of my life as well and unconsciously expect to be able to.

1 comment:

dolface said...

I also want that.
In addition I want a shower/bath faucet where the volume and temperature are controlled separately.
And a pony.