Saturday, June 19, 2004

Flash mob

about a week ago i noticed a young guy playing with a pit bull in the yard of the suspicious house across the street from me. it's suspicious because they have a huge solid metal gate in their driveway, no one person seems to consistently live there, and there are constantly different flashy cars in the driveway. i am curious about this house, but HC is consumed with curiosity about it. most of the people who come and go look armenian (in this neighborhood, in another neighborhood they might be italian or russian) and are usually fairly presentable in terms of clothes and behavior. the two giant meat-heads in white tank undershirts who were sitting on the porch one day were exceptional in that way. this guy and his dog are exceptional too. the guy, about 20, is sporting all kinds of street tough clothes and attitude, and i'm pretty sure the dog's ears have been cut back (which is done either for fighting, so other dogs can't grab them by the ear, of for the appearance of a tough dog). the guy is the only person i've ever seen around the house at night. the folks from this house stand out not only because their actions are different from any other house i see, but also because they seem so furtive. i've never seen the gate open, and there doesn't seem to be enough material coming in or out for them to be manufacturing drugs (with meth houses being the most common residential crime-house thing around here). there might be an invalid in the house, but the level activity seems higher and more purposeful than i would expect even of the household of a much-visited invalid. the house might be some kind of meeting place, but i the comings and goings don't seem regular or (usually) coordinated. suppositions welcome.

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