Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Template and e-bay woes

Howdy all. I'm still working on a better template layout, so please be patient. I worked from home today, making good progress on the Phantom Limb lecture as well as the website I'm developing. I just picked up the mail and received some pants HC and I bought for her using my account on e-bay. Here's my note to the seller:

Hello - I received this item today. I'm disappointed because I don't feel that the rips were accurately described. You said, "Note these have been altered, a slit was cut up the sides for more fashion appeal." The slits were not cut, they were ripped. They are not on the seam; they are not symmetrical; they are ragged. I don't think 'fashion appeal' is a reasonable description of the rips. Additionally, the pants smell. I can't identify the smell, but it gave me a headache right away. Thanks in advance for your response."

Argh. In other news, I'm looking at an apartment tomorrow. Happy day to all!

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