Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fold Wallet v1.0

You know I love plaid. This is the outcome of my latest make-it crush.

I've been interested in making wallets for a while now. Ultimately I have another style in mind, but I'm stuck on that front. So meanwhile, I decided to learn a bit about wallet making. This is the best set of instructions I've come across; they're easy to follow and encouraging.

This is the first wallet I've made (besides the nylon one that I have a faint memory of making in seventh grade). There's a lot I want to improve. Some improvements will come when my sewing skills improve. I also need to figure out a way to keep it from sagging. Finally, making plaid fabrics line up is really hard! Nevertheless, I'm very happy with this for a first effort.

What do I do with something like this when I've made one I like better? I have a hard time throwing things away. Donate it to Goodwill? I wonder if they would take it.

I also discovered that my bobbin winder doesn't work. To run, it requires that I stick a flathead screwdriver into my machine, which makes me squeamish. I'm loathe to get it fixed though; I have a very basic machine and don't want to spend a lot of money on it. So for now, sewing requires a screwdriver.

You can see the how the card-holding pockets aren't flat across, and how uneven my stitching (on the sides especially) is. Click for larger image.

With cards and bills in it, the wallet holds its shape respectably.

My plans:

  1. Use fabric interfacing to make the card pockets stiffer.
  2. Use some kind of plastic to give the outer wall some more shape.
  3. Use pinking shears on the seam allowances, which should de-bulk the edges of the wallet and make sewing it smoother.

Advice is welcome!

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