Saturday, September 16, 2006

iTunes is stupid

If you use iTunes for any time at all, you will inevitably decide that you want some of your music files to reside in a new location. In my case, I decided that having my audiobook files that I ripped from audiobook CDs in the "Compilations" subfolder was unneccessary; they should be in the "iTunes music" directory. However, there is no way to move these files without losing their iTunes meta-information: how many times I have played them, what they are rated, what playlists they belong to.

Programatically this cannot be hard to accomplish. I don't understand why it hasn't been included. This is just one of a number of features that the program should include but doesn't.

Possible reasons not to include it:

1) The programmers and their masters don't know anyone wants to do it.

2) It goes against the apple ethos of "few options, my way or the highway."
More likely. Stupid.

3) ?

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