Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bacon cup with toast and egg

After lots of big talk, I finally got around to making bacon cups. Mostly I was motivated by the departure of my fantastic cook friend, whom I wanted to make some food for on his moving day. I had read about them here and learned about microwaving them here, and of course I was goosed by the recent Bacon Explosion mania. I'm really sold on the microwave version - the speed makes the whole thing very quick. Here's a description of how I made them. The "egg sandwich in bacon cup" was a huge hit, and really yummy. I made the bacon cups before I made the eggs, and I reheated the cups in the microwave for 5 seconds before putting the warm egg and toast in it. The toast works well to fill the holes in the bottom - I couldn't eat all the bacon it would take to make a solid bottom. The best way to eat it was like a sandwich, although it was messy. I'm thinking of doing an oatmeal version, and experimenting with maple syrup and brown sugar on the bacon.

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