Friday, January 16, 2009

Leek soup

leek soup
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I meant to take a picture before I ate it. My failure to do so is a testament to how yummy it was.

The recipe, loosely derived from cooks illustrated:

Cut and wash 6 leeks

Melt 6 TBS butter in stock pot

When butter is foaming, add leeks

Give it 15 minutes or so until leeks start to become translucent. (I also added 2 potatoes 5 minutes later, but I think I should have waited longer)

Add 1 TBS flour, stir until mixed

After a few minutes, slowly add 4 c chicken stock with stirring (salty stock is ok - this soup needs salt)

Let cook 20 min or so (until potatoes are done)

Let cool a bit

Blend with immersion blender - with more foresight I would have moved the soup into a pot with a smaller diameter to make the blending easier. I didn't blend to homogeneity - I like a little texture left. with yet more foresight, I might have poured some out and then poured it back after blending most of it.

Taste, add salt & pepper, repeat

I couldn't find any herbs or spices I was very inspired by - I smelled the ones I had and wasn't moved

I let the soup cool even further and stored most of it away in the fridge.

I poured the rest (~1 cup) into the pyrex bowl in the picture and added a couple tbs of heavy cream and gobbled it up before I could remember to take a picture.

I'm not sure if i'll put cream in the rest. It's pretty good as is, but cream is pretty good too!

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joyandpain said...

glad to read you made some leek soup and enjoyed it!