Wednesday, March 30, 2005


the students in my program have to give a lunchtime presentation once every two years. today i gave my first one. i practiced the talk in front of other people (well, with RS it was over the phone, but you get the picture) three times, plus a little informal touch-up with a couple people in the lab. i presented it alone to myself fully twice. these repetitions helped. i'm trying to put more zing in my tone, expressing excitement about the work and trying to make it infectious. that and talking smoothly are my major presentation goals.

the presentation itself went reasonably well. i was happy with it. i wasn't quite as 'on' as i would have liked to be. also, there were several transitions that weren't especially smooth, but generally i'm happy with it. i'm pleased at how the effort i put into it paid off.

i just took mac out for his evening walk. it's 63 degrees out tonight, and spring has arrived. the weather is perfect for putting on a light fleece and enjoying its softness on skin, but there is no chill. on our short walk down the block, we walked through several clouds of tantalizing and sweet scent, wafting from various trees and bushes. sublime.

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