Thursday, March 31, 2005

in summary

it really bugs me when people say "in summary" and then introduce a new idea. i'm reading a generally great review in a stellar publication, but it has this bone-head error. i'm sure the review that we recently submitted also has some problems like that, so maybe i shouldn't get so chuffy.

the little corner grocery is closing for a while. it's a pathetic little place, stocked in the fashion of a third world store. there are wooden shelves painted white, mostly empty. it is staffed by a woman who looks beaten down by life, makes terrible sandwiches, and smells like cigarettes. i only go to this store when i'm desperate, and then only for ice cream. i'll be interested to see what happens with the store. you wouldn't think it would be hard to succeed as the closest convenience store to campus. all they have to do is stay open later than the on-campus mini-store, and they've got it made.

in summary, i'm going to walk the dog back to work later, run in and start some bacteria growing. it's a much nicer way to drop back to work than to have to drive. i'm glad for that.

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