Sunday, March 20, 2005

Exercise Inflation and a moment of lab competence

From the abundant wittage at chez miscarriage:
The first thing I noticed when I exercised this week is that they've made exercise a lot harder since I last did it.
In spite of my recent mood improvements, I haven't exercised this week. I did take a nice long walk with woofie Saturday morning though. That was lovely and reminded me that I want to do more of it. It was raining. I was wearing a windbreaker. Bad dog and I got wet, but I didn't mind. In fairly warm weather, I like walking in the rain. My experiment from Thursday continued on its fantastically perfect route. Amazing. However, I'm having a problem with one readout: my kalirin antibody is giving me barely any signal. I can't really progress without that, so I'm increasing the concentration of the antibody and letting it incubate for the rest of the weekend. Take that!

I don't remember what day it was, but I think I may have had a breakthrough this week. I had a moment in the lab when I was looking at some inconclusive results. I thought, "you can't beat me. I can lick this problem." It was as if I had absorbed a threshold amount of confidence and knowledge. I was enjoying trying to figure out what was going wrong. Troubleshooting is something I like doing. Maybe I should consider being a method whore, learning and mastering a bunch of methods.

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